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East of Central America and north of Venezuela is the surprisingly arid island of Bonaire. What makes this Netherlands Antilles Island famous is the diving areas scattered about the shore. The tropical climate is tempered by a steady eastern trade wind that flows off the Atlantic Ocean leaving the island with a constant eighty degree Fahrenheit average temperature. Between the last week of October and the end of January the island has common nightly rains that clear up just after sunrise. The mostly flat island is broken up only by a few gentle hills topped with light vegetation. The main natural resources are the white sand beaches and the salt fields on the southern tip of the island where sea salt is coaxed from the ocean. The northern half of the island is a protected, arid, park area called Washington-Slagbaai National Park. Wild Iguanas and Flamingoes can be viewed here, along with old Slave shelters, Native Rock art, and the salt flats. Among the things to do in Bonaire are scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding, sailing, sea kayaking, bird watching, and mountain biking. For shopping, dining, and urban pleasures there are three main settlements. Kralendijk is the capital city and has eleven named suburbs. Boven Bolivia is the second largest town, and Rincon is a village near Washington-Slaagabi National Park. Other neighborhoods are Antriol, Belnem, Hato, Lima, Nikiboko, Noord Salina, Republiek, Sabadeco, Sabana, and Tera Kora. Note that these are not named for anything other than finding your way around. There are limited shops on the island, and many places to eat. Call ahead to make sure that the restaurant is open, as many of them have limited days or hours of operation. offers many great choices of Bonaire’s vacation rental properties. See every type you can currently choose from, including cottages, condos, apartments or private vacation homes suitable for any budget or size of vacation group.

Windsock Apartments & Beach Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Windsock Apartments & Beach

This two-storey luxury 8 apartment building provides the perfect opportunity to become your home… $825.00 - $1 005.00 / Week
bonaire rental villa kokolishi Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

bonaire rental villa kokolishi

From the front porch, you enter the spacious living room with ceiling fan, storage room and open… $952.00 - $1 190.00 / Week
Finca Subi Blancu Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Finca Subi Blancu

In the area of Subi Blancu and in the middle of the nature is located "Finca Subi… $80.00 / Night
ChibiChibiCottage Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire


This cozy cottage is situated on Hilltop to the North East side in an idyllic tropical setting,… $80.00 / Night
Casa Bougainvillea Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Casa Bougainvillea

This luxury, comfortable and very complete apartment offers a lot of privacy. It is surrounded by a… $118.00 / Night
Sabadeco Crown Terrace Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Sabadeco Crown Terrace

This villa offers gorgeous ocean and island views. Enjoy all the luxuries of this beautiful villa… $1 575.00 / Week
Casa Topana Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Casa Topana

Casa Topana a lovely old Bonairean fishermen home, just renovated and located at one of the best… $975.00 / Week
Kas Berde Caribbean - Bonaire - All Bonaire

Kas Berde

The stand-alone bungalow is situated in a quiet park with 30 other bungalows and has a small… $845.00 / Week