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Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals

If you want to enjoy just about everything the Caribbean offers in one place, try Puerto Rico. This island is a self-governing commonwealth of the USA. Although held by the Spanish until deeded to the US under the Treaty of Paris, this one territory was granted the right to create and approve its own constitution. With a mild climate, year round trade winds, and a varied mountainous terrain, this island presents tourists with plenty to do. The northern coast has a plain belt edged with sandy beaches and backed with mountains, which create a number of small rivers. The highest peak is Cerro de Punta at 1338 meters. For those who enjoy the water, the seas around the island are deep, in deed. The Mona passage to the west is 3,300 meters and the northern Puerto Rico Trench is 28,000 feet. Then there is the 16,400 meter Venezuelan Basin to the south. The island has a number of parks, preserves, and historical sites. There is the ElYunque National Forest and Guánica State Forest (Bosque Estatal de Guánica) which an international Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract left of tropical dry coastal forest. Mona Island is another preserve, that one can only visit through an appointment. The north also has the Rio Camuy Caverns, which offer a view of the "3rd largest underground river in the world" as part of a 45 minute guided tour. One thing you don't want to miss here are the bioluminescent bays near Fajardo and in Vieques. The best time to visit is during a new moon. If you happen to stop in San Juan, you can see the oldest preserved Spanish fortifications and then hit world famous casinos.

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we have 2 units in our home on the ocean-each sleeps 5 & costs $100 a night-we also have a… $100.00 / Night