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Central America Vacation Rentals

The area of Central America links North American and South American continent. Seven small tropical nations are located here. Belize was at one time known as British Honduras. It has Caribbean Sea shorelines on the east boarder and is very much like many of the Caribbean island nations with a Afro-Caribbean population on the shore and native Maya inland. Jungles and deep sea exploration are both major draws here. Costa Rica sits between Nicaragua and Panama. It is extremely bio-diverse, and this is one major factor why people travel there. Over a quarter of the country is protected or national parks. Bird watching is a major pastime for tourists here. El Salvador sits between Guatemala and Honduras. It is the smallest country in Central America but is also the most densely populated. Although it has a bloody history, currently the county is stable with a growing economy. Guatemala possesses a unique fusion of Spanish and native Maya. There are many places here to see evidence of the ancient Mayan cities and much exotic plants and animals. Honduras is a country of contrasts with colonial villages, ancient Maya ruins, natural parks, and both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines with great beaches and coral reefs that offer superior snorkeling and diving. Nicaragua lies between Costa Rica and Honduras. It is the largest county in Central America. Tourists often come to Nicaragua for eco-tourism, to visit the beach, to see colonial cities, experience the nightlife, or just have a good time on the cheap. Even though tourism is up by three hundred percent, everything in the country is inexpensive. Panama is between Colombia and Costa Rica, controlling the Panama Canal, one of the most important shipping routes in the world.

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Rick's Apartments - Countryside, Nature, Waterfalls, Ocean Mexico / Central America - Central America - Costa Rica

Rick's Apartments - Countryside, Nature, Waterfalls, Ocean

Welcome to Rick's Apartments - In the beautiful Tropical Countryside close to Beach and Town, Not a… $960.00 - $1 200.00 / Month