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Sitting on the upper Great Plains is the fantastic state of South Dakota. The state can be divided into several regions. The Southeast has Sioux Falls, which is the state's largest city. The Glacial Lakes area is up in the northeast corner of the state and has mostly farms. There are a number of lakes and Coteau des Prairies here. In the center of the state on the edge of the Missouri River is the “Great Lakes” region, not to be confused with the Great Lakes in states to the east of here. Over in the western quarter is the Badlands and Black Hills region. This area has national parks, forests, grasslands, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse in addition to the majority of the Indian Reservation land. Some landmarks in the area you should consider include Custer and Deadwood. One should note that too many Native Americans there are many sacred spots in this state. It is among the best places to come and experience Native American culture. Today the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota speaking members of the Great Sioux Nation live here, and consider the Black Hills area to be sacred ground. The state is rich in museums and cultural centers devoted to the history and traditions of these tribes. Visitors are invited to explore this through the Native American Scenic Byway, attend traditional powwows and experience the culture for themselves. In order to protect this sacred ground, the most holy of it, Bear Butte, is a state park, which sees many worshipers from over sixty Native American tribes near and far. For a bit of history you might consider visiting the site of Wounded Knee where the final battle of the Plains Indian Wars took place. offers many great choices of South Dakota’s vacation rental properties. See every type you can currently choose from, including vacation homes, cottages, condos and cabins suitable for any budget or size of vacation group.

Black Hills Cabins & Motel lodging at Quail's Crossing USA - South Dakota - All South Dakota

Black Hills Cabins & Motel lodging at Quail's Crossing

Cabins 550 sq. ft.: 2 private bedrooms, hide-a-bed in living room, full kitchen, dining, bathroom… $76.00 - $245.00 / Night