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From dazzling cities to towering forests of redwoods, diamond clear alpines lakes to lush farmland, and stark desert vistas to dramatic coastlines - the USA has it all. For cities of international renown you have the pick of LA where the famous rub shoulders with those who want to be, Chicago where culture and history has given way to top financial markets, NYC, Las Vegas where the lights never go off, Miami which is just shy of a tropical heaven, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, and many more. Every major metropolis here has its own flavor and culture to sample. But you do not get only the cities here, for nature showcases her splendor too. Take a road trip and you will be wowed around every corner, from sea to shining sea and across many different landscapes besides. From the New England autumn colors to the vast grassy plains, up into the glorious peaks of the Rockies with world famous ski slopes, across the high desert with its windswept canyons and surprisingly beautiful sky that are so close you can nearly touch the stars, and then into the lush northwestern forests and rugged coastlines of the pacific, in the USA you can see more then you ever dreamed was possible. So come visit the USA and sample the potential.

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House on Watauga Lake USA - Tennessee - Other Tennessee

House on Watauga Lake

Right on the shores of beautiful Watauga Lake in NE Tennessee. Across the mountain from… $1 800.00 - $3 000.00 / Week